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Unlimited Fiber Plans from *R549 PM
Get Lightspeed internet up to *1 Gbps

* Terms & Conditions apply

Who Are We?

Infin8green is a telecommunications company with a BEE level 1 rating, providing UNCAPPED wireless fibre Data plans over the highest quality fibre network.

We offer you the most affordable, reliable and world class products and services

Consistency and transparency are key throughout our client’s journey providing an amazing customer experience

Increase your Property value with our fibre products and services

Free Fibre connection for all your security Camera’s in your Estate

No Cost to Developers, Trustees or home owners for the installation of fibre Network within your Estate

Find Out If You Are Covered For These Great Deals

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What is Fibre To The Home?

FTTH, or Fiber to the Home, is like having a Ferrari for your internet. It's the fastest, most reliable way to connect to the online world. Think of it as a direct highway of light-speed internet straight to your doorstep. With FTTH, you get super-fast downloads, quick uploads, and a smooth online experience – whether you're streaming, gaming, or video calling. It's the gold standard for internet connections, ensuring you're always ahead in the digital race. If you want the best, FTTH is the way to go!

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